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Alabama One Credit Union

Shelley Safford

January 2016 Employee of the Month

Alabama One Credit Union (AOCU) is proud to announce Shelley Safford as January’s Employee of the Month! Shelley has worked with AOCU since January 2011 and is currently the Risk Management Officer for our credit union. The nominator describes Shelley as someone who “does her job effectively as well as someone who helps others in time of need.” She is also “incredibly knowledgeable about so many departments in the Credit Union” and she “always has a smile on her face and a good attitude.” The nominator also states that “Shelley has a heart of gold. She is kind and understanding and willing to help whenever necessary.” Shelley volunteers at our annual Moola Moola Magical Money Monster Festival by helping facilitate games and passing out prizes. Shelley stated, “I enjoy working at Alabama One because of all my co-workers who have been there for me through the good days and the bad days. The employees at Alabama One are always the first to step up and assist with any issue that someone is facing, and I am proud to be a member of this team. I also love a challenge and appreciate the opportunities that Alabama One has given me to improve my knowledge and skills. I am looking forward to the challenges coming in 2016 and working with my teammates to make this Credit Union the best in T-town.”

Congratulations, Shelley!


Megan Roakes

January 2016 Employee of the Month

Alabama One Credit Union (AOCU) is proud to announce Megan Roakes as January’s Employee of the Month! Megan has worked with AOCU since May 2013 and is currently a Senior Teller at the Main Office for our credit union. The nominator describes Megan as a “self- motivated team player” stating, “Megan goes out of her way to help with any function AOCU is doing. She is always willing to help and volunteer her time.” The nominator stated, “I always see Megan with a smile on her face. She is always helpful to coworkers and willing to take on extra paperwork at her desk, even from another department when hers is slow.” Megan also “cultivates teamwork during Operation Credit Union Christmas and promotes healthy competition during the St. Jude Halloween pinup promotion.” Megan serves as an Operation Credit Union Christmas representative and for 2015, she shopped for over 60 children. Megan stated, “I love my job because of the people. I love interacting with members and helping solve their problems. My coworkers are by far the best and I could not ask for better supervisors. I also love working for a company that truly desires to do great things for the members. It is a blessing to shop for children for Operation Credit Union Christmas and making kids smile at Moola Moola Festival.”

Congratulations, Megan!