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Moola Moola Kids Club

Moola Moola

What is Moola Moola Kids Club?

Moola Moola is a magical money monster from the make-believe land of Lotta Loot and the MONEY MINDERS are his colorful sidekicks. Together they are MOOLA MOOLA and the MONEY MINDERS – a fun and exciting savings club for children ages 12 and under.

How to Join

Open a share account with a minimum $25.00 deposit and a Moola Moola and the Money Minders Club account with a minimum $5.00 deposit.

Savings Club Benefits

  • Receive a cash can with first deposit.
  • Eligible to receive a special reward.
  • Opportunity to participate in special Moola Moola activities and events.
  • A terrific way to start good savings habits for the future.


Members of the Moola Moola and the Money Minders Club will receive a deposit
stamp for every $5.00 deposit. These stamps are redeemable for various rewards outlined below:

Save Reward
$5.00 Light up Pen or Pencil
$25.00 Lazer Ball or Jelly YoYo
$50.00 Backpack or Birdhouse Kit
$100.00 Grow Planter or Moola Cup
$150.00 T-Shirt or Small Soft Toy
$250.00 Headphones or Large Soft Toy
$300.00 Bat, Basketball or Football
Rewards are subject to change or substitution.