e-ONE Mobile App Updates


We are excited to share an upcoming enhancement to your mobile banking experience.

Beginning November 2018, we are rolling out a new design to our e-ONE mobile app. This new design is sleek, clean and very appealing. Don’t worry – we haven’t changed the functionality, just the “look and feel” of the screen; so you can stay in your comfort zone and look even better while doing it!

The new e-ONE mobile app redesign will be seamless, with no extra steps on your part; all of your settings and configurations will remain intact.

But that’s not all…enhancements to your e-ONE mobile app is ONE of our 2019 goals.  We are taking things ONE step at a time and we hope this move, towards a more robust mobile experience, is a refreshing change of pace.

Thank you for being a part of the Alabama ONE family and we look forward to taking your member experience to greater heights in the very near future.