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America Saves Week Helps You Start a Great Habit


Join us for America Saves Week (ASW) beginning Monday, February 24th - 29th as we share tools and resources with you that inspire individuals and families to save successfully and achieve better financial wellness.

During America Saves Week, individuals and families make a commitment to themselves to save successfully. As a participating organization, we provide you with resources that help you achieve your short term and long term savings goals.

This is your opportunity to do a check-in on your financial health and mindset over 6 days while getting support from your Alabama ONE Family as well as ASW resources, and a chance to win rewards while you do it. It all starts with taking the America Saves Week Pledge. 

Whether you're saving for a new car, a better apartment, or your kid's future, it all begins with ONE step. This can be that step for you. Take the pledge. You'll be glad you did.